fredag 3 februari 2012

Bash script to backup data to magnetic tape

This is a bash script I wrote in 2010 and have been using ever since.
It backups data from a network storage to a magnetic tape.
I don't backup much data every time so this script will continue the backup on the same tape, I backup about 600MB and the tape I use is 72GB so I dont need to erase the tape very often.
I guess doing like this wont tear out the tape as fast as if I would write the same data to the beginning of the tape every time I'm doing a backup.

I have looked at some other scripts I found on the web, e.g. Vivek Gite's version, but it wasn't what I needed. I hope other people looking for this backup-method will find my script useful.

I run this script on debian stable and guess all the commands I use in this script is in debian stable by default.

Edit: I've put the script here: